Zurab Katamadze

Director & Cinematographer


Executing one’s vision and goals within a creative trade that they love defines that person as an artist. At that point, self-realization becomes synonymous with happiness. The past and the future cease to exist as hollow words and acquire specific meaning. The past is the education and experience that molds one into a professional, and the future is the success that derives from that experience and determined effort. Everything depends on one’s work, and the primary component is always discipline.

It’s important to value the talent and expertise of colleagues, because one has to walk the path in unison with their team. Antagonism and competition are inadmissible, as working towards success alone is not only futile, but uninteresting as well.

Zurab katamadze
Director & Cinematographer

Zurab Katamadze


With a decade of experience in television, film and production, Zurab’s creative energy and skills enable him to excel in digital production projects of all breadths and size.

Zurab graduated with honors from the University of Theater and Film of Georgia in 2005, and national media attention for his final film project propelled him into the international film festival circuit. Inspired to build on his success, Zurab moved to the United States, and New York has became his new creative playground.

More than nine years of professional career in the U.S. sharpened Zurab’s digital production skills to an expert level. Full mastery of the post-production process affords him the experience and vision that are so critical for a creative director. Both his education as a director, and his professionally acquired know-how enabled Zurab to fulfill his potential as a well-rounded cinematographer.

Zurab’s scope of work is increasing continuously and his pursuit of happiness blends in seamlessly. Time is invaluable and creativity never sleeps.

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From inspiration to realization, from concept through research, storyboard and script development, casting, shooting, editing, post-production and duplication. We provide a full line of video production services. As technology is constantly being redefined, we are committed to using the right tools for every project on an individual basis.

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We specialize in corporate, product, advertising and commercial photography. Using the most advanced technologies in photography and image editing. We produce the highest quality image resolution and deliver an end product adhering to the agreeded schedule and budget guaranteeing client satisfaction.


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